Team A

Jamie Hart (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Adam Mayhew (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Annette le Couteur (The Belstead Arms)

Michelle Cook (The Bell, Kesgrave)

Matt Barden (The Inkerman)

Kari-Louise Fulcher (The Smock)

Stacey Ellis (The Trades & Labour Club, Felixstowe)

Tia Bell (The Belstead Arms)

Michael Jones (The Belstead Arms)



Team B

Chirayu Walawalkar (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Kerri-Ann (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Barry Harper (The Margaret Catchpole)

Dawn Louise Ross (The Wild Man, Sproughton)

Stewart Ashfield (The Smock)

Callum Phillips (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Amanda Parmenter (The Wild Man, Sproughton)

Nigel Prescott (The Earl Kitchener)


Team C

Jay Austin (The Salutation Inn)

Charlotte Priestley (The Salutation Inn)

Clive Bamberger (The Margaret Catchpole)

Natasha Burgess (The Margaret Catchpole)

Bethany Taylor (The Brickmakers Arms)

Andy Manlow (The Salutation)

Albert & Jennifer Horn (The Wild Man, Sproughton)

Vincent Ridgewell (The Greyhound, Claydon)


Team D

Madeleine Pickering (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)

Stacey Page (The Belstead Arms)

Abigail Hard (The Kingfisher)

Ben Coupe (The Bell, Kesgrave)

Jacob Gardner (The Margaret Catchpole)

Gemma Marshall (The Wild Man, Sproughton)

Ross Phillips (The County of Suffolk Freehouse)



From the March Quarter Final

(Photos: Anthony South)


Stewart Ashfield

Stewart Ashfield (The Smock)


Matt Barden

Matt Barden (The Inkerman)


Natasha Burgess

Natasha Burgess (The Margaret Catchpole)


Michelle Cook

Michelle Cook (The Bell, Kesgrave)


Ben Coupe

Ben Coupe (The Bell, Kesgrave)


Jacob Gardner

Jacob Gardner (The Margaret Catchpole)


Abigail Hard

Abigail Hard (The Kingfisher)

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